You want to get on the big shows?  Go with Karen Frost.

Todd Jeffries, News Director, KLBJ-AM

Trust is a bond that too rarely exists between publicist and reporter.  Yet trust has always been one of Karenís virtues.  When she tells you something, you can take it to the bank.  If she canít answer your question, sheíll just say that.  No lies.  No shadow dance.
Marc Stern, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of The Wrong Stuff: The Extraordinary Saga of Randy "Duke" Cunningham, the Most Corrupt Congressman Ever Caught


What has impressed me about Karen is that she doesnít treat clients as if they are part of a PR assembly line.  She promotes her clients as if they are one of a kind.  Special.  And that means Karenís story ideas and interview suggestions are more likely to be heard and seriously considered.  Karen Frost is one of the best!
Morton Dean, Award-winning senior broadcast news journalist, ABC News and CBS News


Karen is a business leader who makes others look good.  She connects easily with others, wins their trust and then helps them move toward their goals.  Her leadership power sneaks up on you, because she has a low-ego need to get the credit.  She is an asset to any venture who engages her proven abilities.
Dave Jenks, VP of Research and Development, Keller Williams Realty International


Never has the word about The Texas Medal of Awards been spread so far and wide.  Karen handled each opportunity with grace, professionalism and intuition, which is why the coverage was so outstanding.
The Honorable Pamela Willeford, Co-chair, 2009 Texas Medal of Arts Awards, Texas Cultural Trust


Karenís work has helped to bring our work to the attention of significant numbers of local, state, and national media.  This work has been pursued above and beyond any normal call of duty, and can only be explained by the fact that she cares deeply about the work weíre doing, and believes that she can help us bring inspiration, knowledge, and action to wide numbers of people.  Her tireless energy, passion, and her wide network of contacts have been a great asset for The Nobelity Project.

Turk Pipkin, Filmmaker and co-founder, The Nobelity Project

Karen has a real passion for promoting the arts in Texas, and she has the unique capacity to transform that passion into telling this important Texas story to the world.

Bob Hudgins, Director of the Texas Film Comission


Karen cares about us and it's one of the reasons I check my email three times a day. Rarely a day goes by without an inquiry from her about promoting our work for a timely news event.  Her eagle eyes and keen news sense has resulted in our material being featured in Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, and other major media as important news breaks.

Sam Goldstein, Award-winning psychologist and co-author, Raising Resilient Children book



 For years Karen tirelessly contacted journalists with my story, both locally and nationally.  If one story angle didn't work, she'd try another.  She's a pit bull.  When she becomes passionate about a cause, there's no stopping her.  Karen's expertise, integrity, and compassion gave me the guidance I needed professionally and personally.

Jackie Waldman, author and spokesperson for The Courage to Give

Karen's energy and persistence with national media placements made the difference in creating opportunities for me.

Randy Fagin, Men's Health Expert and Top Ten Leading Prostate Cancer Surgeon


Karen Frost knows the media relations business.  I've seen firsthand the incredible results she gets for her clients.  Karen is a woman of great integrity and a delight to work with.

Patsy Woods Martin, Executive Director, I Live Here, I Give Here

A nonprofitís best friend, Karen adds value by bringing her media relations business savvy to the table.  Karen has helped Impact Austin build awareness of its philanthropic mission and vision in the community.  That awareness has helped Impact Austin put over $2 million to work in the community in six years.
Rebecca Powers, Founder and CEO of Impact Austin

Karen is a consummate professional when it comes to public relations and media relationships.  She knows how to craft a compelling and meaningful story and has built a significant body of national and regional contacts.  Those contacts trust her skills and knowledge implicitly.  Thus when Karen calls, they listen. She is a true friend of the nonprofit world.

Elisbeth Challener, Managing Director, Zachary Scott Theatre

Karen has brought an incredible amount of excitement and fervor to Leadership Austin.  We've gained some major wins for our organization in news coverage, and under her guidance, I feel much more confident in my abilities for the future.  Karen's been a terrific mentor in her area of expertise and is one of our most effective advocates in the community.

Hannah Nokes, Vice President, Development and Marketing, Leadership Austin



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